How can peer support help?

Mental ill health can be very debilitating. It is always important to seek professional help from relevant medical services, but joining Time Out can be beneficial to recovery through the mutual support of others. You not only can share your thoughts and feelings in a safe space but can offer empathy and support to others who are in need.

Listening to others tell their stories can help people feel hope for the future because others have experienced, and overcome, adversity. It also helps to reinforce to people that they are not alone in the feelings they are experiencing. It is very powerful for someone to be able to share their story in an atmosphere of trust and understanding without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.

The discussions at a meeting can help members find ways of coping with the effects of poor mental health through the sharing of experiences and advice. Feeling listened to, accepted and understood can really help people build the confidence and resilience needed for healing.

Comments from group members:

‘It’s so good to meet other people who understand what I am going through’

‘It’s reassuring to know that the group will be there to support me when I’m going through a bad patch’

‘Time Out helped me enormously at a time I really needed it’

What Time Out has given me, I can now give back’

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