How we can help

Listening to others tell their stories can help people feel hope for the future because others have experienced, and overcome, adversity. It also helps to reinforce to people that they are not alone in the feelings they are experiencing. It is very powerful for someone to be able to share their story in an atmosphere of trust and understanding without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.

The discussions at a meeting can help members find ways of coping with the debilitating effects of poor mental health through the sharing of experiences and advice. Feeling listened to, accepted and understood can really help people build the confidence and resilience they need to start to heal. Time Out Scotland is there to support its members through their recovery.

Mental illness can be very debilitating, affecting every area of daily life, and difficult to overcome. You can struggle to get through each day; be unsure what is happening to you; or wonder how you will get better. It is always important to seek professional help from the medical services - but attending Time Out Scotland meets a need that most professionals are unable to provide - a regular and unlimited talking therapy. Talking therapies are one of the most beneficial means to recovery as shown by guidelines given to GP’s from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.


Symptoms you may be experiencing...

Negative thoughts - Low self esteem - Lack of energy

Relationship problems - Insomnia - Panic attacks

Social anxiety - Isolation - Struggling with tasks



What Time Out Scotland offers:

  • a safe space where you can talk confidentially about what you are going through
  • empathy and understanding from others who have had similar experiences
  • the sharing of self-help strategies
  • non-judgemental support to help you get better
  • information from others who have experienced many of the treatments and therapies available
  • the chance to take a more active role in your recovery through the sharing of ideas
  • Many members practise mindfulness, which has become a common treatment for mental health problems. They can tell you more about this.

As the group is run by volunteers you might even find that are able to help in the running of the group. Getting involved as a volunteer could help to improve your own personal sense of purpose.



Feedback we have received from people who have attended our group:

‘It’s so good to meet other people who understand what I am going through’

‘It’s reassuring to know that the group will be there to support me when I’m going through a bad patch’

‘Time Out is a unique source of help for those suffering from depression, from those who prove it can be beaten’

‘Time Out helped me enormously at a time I really needed it’

What Time Out has given me, I can now give back’

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