Self-help and support groups

Self-help or support groups are people with common illnesses or conditions who come together to provide help and support for each other. The main activities are discussion and listening to each others experiences, sharing ideas and through interacting with each other, finding ways to progress. Self-help groups provide space and time for you to be able to look for the best way to tackle your issues.

At self-help meetings you will find others have similar issues. You will receive feedback on what you share, and you will be able to provide feedback in return. If you are initially reluctant, or not used to sharing personal information, as most people are, observing others doing this will help you become more at ease at doing it yourself and consequently you are more likely to start tackling difficult personal issues. A person who is only a few ‘steps’ ahead of another can be as helpful as someone who is much further down the road to recovery.

Over time, contributing your own ideas and experiences at group meetings will help you to become more self-aware of your current situation and, importantly, how you can change. You might not have had an opportunity to share and discuss like this before but participants will find always the whole experience invaluable and very therapeutic.

Initial concerns people have about joining Time Out Scotland diminish as benefits are gained from attending meetings. They find that they are able to develop in many respects as a person the more they contribute themselves. The hardest and most courageous step is attending the first meeting.